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Available Baby Hedgehogs for Sale

Before you purchase a hedgehog, please note, all purchases are non-refundable please read our Policies Page before making a purchase.

*Please note we are required to charge 7% sales tax on all hedgehog purchases.

Updated: 2/22/19 - We have several litters in the nest, so now is a great time to jump on our waiting list!

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Most hoglets are $250

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Adult Hedgehogs Available

The hedgehogs below are older hedgies looking for new homes

No rehomes or rescues are currently available :)

On Hold Hedgehogs

The hedgehogs below have had deposits placed on them and are on hold.

Sold Hedgehogs

The hedgehogs below are sold and fully paid for.

GreySnowflake - Hedgehog on Hold - Archimedes

Sold to Kristen E.

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Born 03/20/19
Ready to go home 05/01/19


Likely Color     Grey Snowflake ?

This dapper little hedgie is ready to be someone's special familiar!

GreySnowflake - Hedgehog on Hold - Morgana

Sold to Elaine R.

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Born 03/20/19
Ready to go home 05/01/19


Likely Color     Grey Snowflake ?

Watch out for this little darling - she'll put a spell on your heart!

Waiting List

Don't see a hedgehog you fancy? Or are we plum sold out? Get your name on one of our two wait lists to get sneak peaks at new baby hedgies before anyone else. Many babies are sold before ever being listed on this site, so we strongly encourage you to get on the waiting list if you are waiting for the perfect hedgehog baby.

VIP Waiting List

3 out of 5 Available
*Limit 5 people


The VIP waiting list are people waiting for very special colors or specific genders or who just want to see the new hoglets first. This list is capped at 5 people. New litters announcements are sent out a week early to all VIP Waiting List members. The fee for being on the VIP Wait list is applied to the purchase price of your selected hedgehog in full.

What Gender or Color do you prefer?

Waiting List

4 out of 10 Available
*Limit 10 people


The Sun Coast Hedgehogs waiting list members get first look at all new hoglets just one week after the VIP waiting list. This list is capped at 10 people. New litters announcements are sent out one week prior to being listed on this website. Waiting list fees are applied to the purchase price of your hedgehog of choice.

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