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Arlo is 3 and half years old. The average lifespan of hedgehogs is around 4 years old. Arlo has been with us his entire life. He was a very grumpy baby and we didn't feel like he would make a good pet so we never offered him for adoption. However, Arlo has really come out of his shell in the last year, he's now very easy to handle. We will ONLY let Arlo go to a good home with someone who understand that Arlo is a senior hedgehog. We will be very picky about matching Arlo is a new family. If we don't find someone who is a good fit, we'll keep Arlo indefinitely, continuing to take excellent care of him.

Arlo is a very lovely snowflake color with lots of white quills mixed throughout with some darker grey quills. Arlo loves to eat and be warm. He's not a very active hedgehog, he moves at his own pace. He does not like running on wheels or running at all.

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