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Garlic - Albino Hedgehog for Sale

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Born 07/24/19


Likely Color     Albino ?

We can't believe Garlic hasn't been scooped up yet! He's SO cute and sweet. He huffs a little when you pick him up at first, but that's just him talking to you. He's very easy to handle and is so adorable. Not everyone loves Albinos, but we absolutely do! His coloring (or lack there of) just adds to his charm. Bright red eyes and snow white fur and quills make for a unique hedgie. We've dropped the price on Garlic, our babies are normally $250 and up. Bring this cute guy home now, he's ready to go home. At 8 weeks old he's still a baby and ready to be your friend.

Garlic went home new owner Ted A.
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