COVID-19 Alert - We are still accepting wait list deposits and accepting hedgehog purchases. We have enacted temporary pick-up requirements for getting your hedgehogs including limiting pick-up to 1 person until further notice. If you are experiencing symptoms or have come in contact with anyone with COVID-19 we will just ask for you to wait to get your hedgehog until you've been cleared and we will take care of your baby until you're able to schedule a pick-up in the meantime.

Sun Coast Hedgehogs Shipping Policies
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How it Works
Shipping Policies
Shipping Tips
Why by Airlines?
Where Hedgehogs are Legal/Illegal

Shipping Hedgehogs

Do you live too far to come pick up your hedgehog in Jacksonville, Florida? We offer shipping via airplane for a flat $450 in most cases. We can ship to all legals states. Click here to check your state.

How it Works

  1. After purchasing your hedgehog, purchase shipping for your hedgehog by using the purchase button above. The cost for shipping has recently increased due to the increase in ticket prices through our preferred airlines. Your shipping fee includes:
    • Plane Ticket
    • Airline Approved Pet Carrier
    • Required Health Certificate from Vet
  2. We will contact you to arrange a shipping date to the airport closest to you. You will receive an itinerary from us after we purchase the plane ticket that will have all dates and times on it.
  3. On shipping day we will take your hedgehog to JAX (Jacksonville International Airport) and send your new hedgie off in their airline approved pet carrier with a bag of food and their health certificate.
  4. You will most likely need to pick-up your hedgehog from your airport's cargo office. We highly recommend calling the airport and finding out in advance where the cargo office is because it's not always at the normal terminal. Sometimes pick-up will be in the luggage office. You need to find out in advance. You must have your Driver's License with you for pick-up.
  5. Once you've picked up your hedgehog, please text or call us and let us know you've picked up your hedgehog and they are happy and healthy. Your hedgehog may be a little out of sorts due to their travels and most likely will need a bath.

Shipping Policies

Shipping Fees are non-refundable once we purchase the plane ticket for your hedgehog. If you decide to pick-up your hedgehog in person prior to us purchasing the ticket we can refund all or a portion of the shipping fee depending on whether we've already paid for the Health Cartificate or Pet Carrier.

Shipping Tips

If you have a friend who is purchasing a hedgehog from us as well, we can ship more than one hedgehog in a carrier and have more than one hedgehog on the health certificate. You can your friend can split the shipping fee as long as they are shipping to the same airport.

Why do we have to Ship via Airlines?

There are two options for legally and safely shipping hedgehogs; either by airline or through a door-to-door pet courrier service. Shipping by courrier is much more expensive so we offer a flat-rate shipping* via Airline. We use Delta Cargo services for shipping hedgehogs.

*Flat rate shipping is for the Continental United States only, and only where hedgehogs are legal to own. For shipping to Canada or Alaska, there are additional fees. If you live in Canada or Alaska and want to ship hedgehogs we can work on getting a quote, just email us at

States whered Hedgehogs are Illegal

We regretfully can not sell hedgehogs or ship hedgehogs to the following states.

  • California
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • New York: Illegal only in the 5 Boroughs of New York City
  • Pennsylvania

Recently Added Hedgehogs For Sale

Before you purchase a hedgehog, please note, all purchases are non-refundable please read our Policies Page before making a purchase.

Updated: 4/20/20 - We sold out of our last round of hoglets VERY quickly. However, we have nine litters in the nest right now and several more litters are due in the next 2-3 weeks. If you're interested in getting a hedgehog in the next few months, we recommend joining one of our wait list options.

Like us on Facebook or sign-up for our waiting list below to be alerted to when we have more hedgehogs available. See scheduled litters for estimates on when new hedgehog babies are due.

Most hoglets are $250 - Click here for our full pricing list by color

See more hedgehogs for sale or see scheduled litters for expected future hoglets.

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